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453 R-Link Radio Decoder

Modification Details

This is going to be a very niche page of info for my normal audience of smart owners.
However, this could be fairly widely used by the Renault community.

The stereo shared by the smart 453 and many Renault cars goes by a few names.

Smart Media System,
Renault R-Link 1,
TomTom Navigation System.

This is what it looks like. However, this is just the screen.

The actual radio unit is a separate box behind the screen. It looks like this.

Depending on your stereo's features, they can have different connectors.

These Radios Fail

Who knows why but it's not all that uncommon. What do you do? Go to the main dealer and buy a replacement?
Do you fuck! Can you even imagine the ridiculous cost they'd ask for one?

Most people just jump on eBay and buy a 2nd hand one from another car.

Code Problems

This is where smart owners may get caught out because they never got asked for a security code before.
I'm unsure whether the smart versions have the code deactived but most renault versions expect a code.

How Do I Get The Code?

Look on top of your replacement unit, take that 4 figure code and put it in the calculator below to receive your security code.

Note To Renault Owners

I believe these codes are used on almost all Renault stereos so this decoder should work.
If it does, feel free to link it on your forums and groups if you think it'll help others.

Please Enter Renault Precode (eg A114)

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