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Roadster Sagging Doors

The door hinges on the Roadster allow the door to sag over the years and allow water in

Modification Details

 The Roadster doors are very long and the hinges weren't particularly well designed to deal
with the weight and length of the door. Couple this with the fact that many people seem to
use the doors as an aid to get in and out of the car, this puts extra weight on the hinges.

The doors slowly creep down over the years until they don't quite seal
against the seal properly, then you get water ingress and wet speakers.

It's a fairly simple fit, we just need to loosen the bolts holding
the hinges to the door, lift it and tighten them up again.

You can see quite clearly that the glass isn't sitting in the optimum place on the seal.

Remove the 2 Torx screws inside the door shut, the Torx screws running along the top of the wing,
the headlight cover and headlights, the single Torx screw where the arch meets the side skirt and
the 2 plastic rivets that are in the back of the wheel arch. You can now pull the arch panel away.


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