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Evilution On FaceBook

Come join me on FaceBook

Modification Details

Evilution FaceBook

If you enjoy the info and the humour of this website, you should consider liking us over on FaceBook.

There isn't really any information on there, just photos, behind the scenes stuff and a lot of pissing about.

We already have loads of people on there but we want more, lots more.
(well, more than other smart based FaceBook pages).

So, stop your complaining, click one of the Goatse style FaceBook banners on this
page and then click the like button and make me look more popular than I really am!

I don't post loads of shit all the time, twice a week absolute max. (usually none a week).

So, liking my page isn't going to cram your personal FaceBook wall with a load of bullshit.
I don't like it myself so I wouldn't do it to you. Not to mention I couldn't bother my arse to even try.

Kane's FaceBook

If for some strange reason you want to add me as a friend, I have created a separate page for you.
I'll accept you as a friend but depending on your posts, you might get deleted again.

I have had to delete people constantly posting about missing dogs, selling fake jewelry, posting continuous photos
of their grotty looking children or posting everything in non English. Being from England and being typical English,
I really only speak English. I can understand a bit of French, German, Spanish and Italian but that's all.

Click me.

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