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Wishbone Bush Change

Modification Details

Damaged Bush (That's What She Said)

A very common place of wear on the smart is the wishbone bushes. It takes a while for poor
wishbone bushes to cause a knocking noise but when they eventually do, they are fucked.

As they fail, your wheel geometry changes which causes undue wear on the tyres,
excessive wear on the suspension components and off centre steering wheel.

Fit New Wishbones?

Yeah, by all means but it's a bit of a waste of money considering your existing ones are probably fine.
Not to mention that aftermarket wishbones are absolute dog poo. I have seen pattern copies of the wishbones
made from much thinner material, barely fit in place and throw the wheel geometry right out.

So, if you really want to fit new wishbones, get them from smart. Or...

Fit Replacement Bushes

If your wishbones are ok but the bushes are worn, you just replace the bushes. You can get them cheaply online.

Here is a wishbone removed from the car. It makes the job easier but you don't have to.
You just need access to the bushes so you could remove the fixings and swing it down.

This is one of the bushes. This one is royally shafted although it might not be immediately obvious to look at.

However, this happened with a slight push. The rubber insert should be very secure.
It wasn't. The other side wasn't as bad. The rubber insert stayed put as it should do.

The remaining metal part is still part of the bush so it'll need removing with a special tool.


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