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AKA evilution's "cover all angles from idiots" clause

By viewing this site you have agreed not to follow any of the "how to" information.

All facts and figures on this site could be false so don't use them.

The views portrayed here are mine only and do not constitute actual findings or thoughts.

If you don't have the mental capacity to understand that it's a joke when I say "use your Mum's wedding
dress as a cloth to catch old oil" you shouldn't be working on your car or even be allowed to use the internet unsupervised. I like a joke but I have a sledgehammer wit so you either might not find it funny or believe what
I say to be true. If so, I command you to stop breathing for the sake of all humanity.

I am not responsible for anything whatsoever for anything you do,
I'm not your Dad, you are commanded by nothing but your own free will.

If you break your car, yourself, your friend, your tools, wind, it's your own fault.

I managed to do it OK.

Under no circumstances must the information or the pictures be reproduced elsewhere. I do
not give permission for anyone to reproduce my website elsewhere so don't even pretend I have

Under no circumstances must the information be sold. Anyone caught
selling any part of my info will be taken to court with no exceptions.

Here endeth the lesson.

and "on a more serious note" clause

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