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Join Evilution

So evilution has become a pay site? what? why? OMG.... hopefully we can answer all your questions here and convince you its a worthy cause.

Hang on, I need to join Evilution? what happened?
Costs basically, running the best smart guide on the web is a costly hobby (which is what it is), all the donations that we have been receiving over the coming years has covered the costs of hosting and some parts for experimenting on, however we want to bring new guides and modifications to you and these cost money, money that we just dont have spare.

Evilution gets over 50000 unique visitors per month, accessing nearly 400000 pages and pulling 100gb of bandwidth per month, this is not cheap and this was paid for by donations, we dont use any shitty old servers and hosting either, we have our own dedicated `smart` server housing all our websites and Evilutions uptime of near on 100% over the past 7 years with the guys from is near on perfection.

I have previously donated to you, does that count?
In some instances yes, although I have already compiled a list of those donations deemed acceptable and have added those people on already.

Why should I pay?
Nobody is forcing you to do anything, a lot of the basic information is out there on the web, but we here are the only site with constant updates and new guides. However, if you have used any information on this site then there's a good possibility that you have already saved yourself far more than it costs to join up.

Can I get free membership
Yeah of course, ask someone for it for your Birthday and get someone else to pay. If you have some awesome information that I don't have but would like to use on the site I'd consider handing out free membership for a duration. Please do not send us pictures of your penis, as proud as you are of that silly little thing, it in no way compensates us for a proper payment.

But you are the smart bible, the smart encyclopaedia - you shouldn't do this!
Tough. I'd rather offer a good site over a free one.

Ok, so what does it cost?
Annual subscription to Evilution will cost you from £15 (4p per day) if you are a company or will use the site more than most we would appreciate a larger contribution, but its entirely down to yourselves, you can pay by paypal (including by your card) and you can join quickly and easily by completing the form.

So what do I get for my £15?
As well as full access to the site, you get the following perks: a priority contact form direct to Evilution himself, ability to search content as well as keywords, printer friendly page options, special offers and discounts from some of our partners, whatever else i can get OTV to code.

How do I sign up?
I've done a little guide to show you how to sign up and get access to the site, its located here

Ok Sign me up!
Good man yourself! We take paypal and you will get your account login details emailed over to you once your payment has been made.
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