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In the midnight hour, she cried more more more
by Kane on November 26, 2018

Not really had the time to add much more
by Kane on November 12, 2018

Have you tried turning it off and on again.
by Kane on October 29, 2018

I found a way to sort of make it work, a bit.
by Kane on September 17, 2018

Still having problems making myself write the pages
I really don't know what is going on with my brain for the past few months, I just can't concentrate enough to write the pages of information, let alone make them amusing in any way. I'm making terrible spelling errors and keep hitting a brick wall with missing photos that I really should have taken but didn't. I think I need a break to rest my brain.

People on the FaceBook smart sites are so mentally draining. Giving out shockingly bad information, claiming myths and made up bullshit as facts, posting the most inane questions and disbelieving the correct information when it is given to them. I need to take a step back from these sites as they are draining my IQ.

information about signing up to the site.

How to tow a 6 speed dual clutch 453.
How to fit the 451 OEM armrest.
Removing the 451 window regulator.
Rack4Smart bike rack and modifications.
Draining the fuel tank from your Roadster.

It's my FaceBook page. Don't expect much in the way of regular posts though..

Right, I'm taking a few months off to sort my shit out so don't expect any new pages. I will still be making small edits as I take the missing photos I need.
by Kane on September 3, 2018

I have been so lazy, sort of
by Kane on July 23, 2018

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