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Some more how2s to keep you going
by Kane on July 8, 2006

New How2s added
At last the door panel removal is in Exterior.
Bull bar fitting can also be found in Exterior.
by Kane on July 6, 2006

How2 donated from Canada.
Warning Symbol Modification added to electrical.
Thanks to ProgFrog (Marc) for the info.
by Kane on June 29, 2006

Some new How2s added.
Smooth Rear Wiper added to external.
Window Adjustment added to servicing.
Cruise Control Fitting added to electrical.
Number Plate LED Lights added to electrical.
Steering Wheel Info added to electrical.
Boot Panel Removal added to exterior.
Dump Valve fitting added to engine.
Bass Unit roundup added to ICE.
Aircon Re-gas updated in servicing.
Rear Brake Cleaning added to servicing.
by Kane on June 27, 2006

New site available to everyone.
The new site is up to the public but not everything has been moved from the old site yet.
If you can't see what you want and the search brings up nothing go to the old site at
by Kane on June 11, 2006

Brake disc and pad change added
Added to the exterior section.
Many thanks to David Yates (BlackDog) for this excellent how to file.
by Kane on June 6, 2006

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