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450 CAN Bus PIDs

Modification Details


All credit for this information goes to Jack Rogers. This is all well over my level of understanding.
Please don't message me asking questions about it as I have no idea.


The tables below are laid out in binary. Each CAN message consists of upto 8 bytes.
To make a message based on the binary, simply convert your message to HEX.

For example; if you want to send a message to ID 190 to make the key
symbol show and flash the TEMP light, we construct the message as so.

ID Binary Converted To HEX
190 1001 0010 92

So, we send the message 190#9200000000000000

Car speed.

Potentially part of the safety system as high priority messages. Such as brake, ESP and ABS status.
It is worth noting that some bits will not function as expected unless 0x080 data is sent before 0x090.

Appears to be the main message for the instrument cluster, light control, display and RPM readings.

Appears to be the data sent from the engine. This includes RPM and gear info (changing to and current).
If "changing to" is equal to "current" gear, we can assume that the gear was selected correctly.
Timing could be added here to calculate the average gearchange times.

Appears to be part of the authentication protocol. The VIN code is transported once here.
The first byte counts in base 10 and denotes the message part.


Until I can work out a better way to display tables, I'm just posting a screenshot of each one.









If anyone else has any additions to add to this page, message me.

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