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450 Horn Fault

Some dick head cuts you up, you go to show your displeasure with a sound of the horn and it doesn't work

Modification Details

Important: To test the horn, the ignition must be in position 1.

Firstly, do you know what smart you own? Check 

A non working horn is usually very easy to sort. Follow these in the order shown until it works.


600cc 450 with
ZEE unit fuse box - Fuse 16
700cc 450 with
SAM unit fuse box - Fuse 31
800cc diesel 450 with ZEE unit fuse box - Fuse 16
800cc diesel 450 with SAM unit fuse box - Fuse 31
999cc 451 with
SAM unit fuse box - Fuse 31
800cc 451 with SAM unit fuse box - Fuse 31
Roadster with
SAM unit fuse box - Fuse 31
Forfour all variants -
Fuse 10

Pull the fuse out and visually check it, if you have a new replacement, fit it anyway.

Check The Steering Wheel Horn Switches

The steering wheel has 3 contacts underneath the part you press to sound the horn.
Try pressing all over the horn press to make sure it's not a poor contact.

Checking The Relay


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