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451 Diesel Remapping

Remaps replace your car's software which increases the power of the engine and can increase MPG too

Modification Details

 451 Diesel Remapping

The diesel 451 hasn't been available for long in the UK so not many remappers offer maps for them.

Tony at Tune4Performance writes his own remaps so he doesn't just have 1
for your car, he has loads plus the ability to tweak the code to suit your car.

Doing It Properly

As you are going to be paying good money for a remap, you should insist it is done correctly.

1. Does the remapper have a workshop that you can visit when you like?
2. Is the remapper clear on the price or vague about extras?
3. Do they have a dynometer (rolling road) to prove before and after results?
4. Are they even a registered company?*

*If not, they might not be insured if something goes wrong as they work on your car. You can search for company names to see if they are official registered companies. Type the business name in here or check companies house.

Film Time!

The Remapping Process

The car is driven onto the dyno, strapped down securely and warmed up.

The rear wheels are the driven wheels on the 451 so they are placed onto 2 large rollers.
As these rollers are spun by the acceleration of the car, the dyno computer calculates the
torque and the brake horse power being developed throughout the rev range of the car.

The initial run is done and it is no surprise that it tested slightly over standard.

A few different types of remap are uploaded through the OBD port and each one tested.

The dyno test is done again to insure that the remap has been correctly installed 
and that the figures are suitable for that type of car with the setup you have.

The extra 31ft/lb of torque and extra 16bhp made a noticeable increase when driving. 
The extra torque made the pull away far more rapid and the bhp increased top speed.

This 451 CDI "45bhp" actually started as standard at 50bhp and 87ft/lb of torque instead of 81.
The final 117ft/lb of torque kicks in quickly at about 2400rpm.

So, You Recommend Tune4Performance For 451 Remaps?

No. I recommend T4P for ALL remaps, not just 451 remaps.

Why Do You Recommend T4P?

Tony is such a nice guy and he is the remapper that many other remappers use (and 
pretend that they did it). So you are best off cutting out the middle man and going direct.

Tony now does the remaps for the Smart4YouRacing cars as the previous maps didn't cut it.

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