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451 ED 22Kw Charger Info

Modification Details

Everything You Didn't Know About The Brusa 22kW 451 Charger
...and didn't really want to know.

This is the 22kW charger box found in the 451 ED. Apparently it was the 1st 22kW in an electric car.
It's bigger than you think too. It's nearly half a metre wide.

It has 2 water connections for cooling and 4 electrical connections.

The coolant connectors are Normaquick PS3 NW12.
Straight connector - 07028009012
Right angled connector - 07028008012

The coolant inlet is on the same side as the red connector. The coolant outlet is on the opposite side.

Connector A Code B (Left)

Mating connector, Hirschmann 806-344-502

Pin Number Function
1 Charge Locking Feedback Signal
2 Proximity Detection Resistor
3 Output LED Green
4 Output LED Blue
5 Charging Plug Lock
6 No Connection
7 Charging Plug Temperature Sensor
8 Vehicle Wake Up Output
9 Output LED Red
10 Charging Plug Unlock
11 Control Pilot
12 Earth Output LED

Connector A Code A (Right)

Mating connector, Hirschmann 806-344-501

Pin Number Function
1 +12V
2 EV CAN Bus High
3 Crash Sensor Disco
4 High Voltage Interlock Loop Output
5 No Connection
6 No Connection
7 Ground/Earth
8 EV CAN Bus Low
9 High Voltage Interlock Loop Input
10 Hardware Wake Up Input
11 CAN High Debug
12 CAN Low Debug

Connector B

Mating connector, TE Connectivity 9-2141608-1

Pin Number Function
1 Protective Earth Conductor
2 Phase 3
3 Phase 2
4 Phase 1
5 Neutral
6 High Voltage Interlock Output
7 High Voltage Interlock Input

Connector C

Mating connector, ODU 656.533.004.100.000

Pin Number Function
1 High Voltage Battery +
2 High Voltage Battery -
3 High Voltage Interlock Loop Input
4 High Voltage Interlock Loop Output

Name Plate Info

On the underside of the unit is an information plate. 1 section of the plate is the important part number.

Original Model D01

This version had issues with faulty power capacitors. They burst and the charger stops working.
You may sometimes be "lucky" and the 3.7kW charging may still work.

Updated Model D02

This had updated capacitors and an updated main board. These seem to be OK.


If anyone has a failed one of these that they don't want. I'd be interested in having it for inspection.

Data Sheets & Manuals

These PDFs have been saved for posterity, just in case they are removed from the Brusa website.


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