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451 Paddle Wheel Retrofit

Modification Details

Remove the steering wheel. Click.

Plug in the new paddleshift steering wheel.

Code the steering wheel paddles. Click.

Still Doesn't Work?

If you have bought a paddleshift steering wheel and the paddles don't work, it could be the wiring.
Smart altered the wiring when they face-lifted the 451 in September 2010. If you fit a pre facelift wheel
to a post facelift car or vice-versa, it will not work until you swap the 2 wires over.

How Do I Know Which Wheel I have?

Time to break out the multimeter and get testing. The connections are the same betwewen the 2 except
for the paddles so put your multimeter on resistance checking and put the probes on pins 5 and 10 and look
at the readout on the multimeter. If you get about 8k
Ω then they are the correct pins. If you get no reading,
place the probes on pins 8 and 9 and you should see the 
8kΩ show up on the multimeter.

Remember what 2 pins your paddles where using. Probably best to write it down.

Version 1 up to September 2010                                           Version 2 October 2010 onwards

Version 1

1 - Airbag Positive
2 - Horn Positive
3 - No Connection
4 - No Connection
5 - Paddle Positive
6 - Airbag Negative
7 - Horn Earth
8 - No Connection
9 - No Connection
10 - Paddle Negative

Paddles 5 & 10,
Airbag 1 & 6,
Horn 2 & 7.

Version 2

1 - Airbag Positive
2 - Horn Positive
3 - No Connection
4 - No Connection
5 - No Connection
6 - Airbag Negative
7 - Horn Earth
8 - Paddle Positive
9 - Paddle Negative
10 - No Connection

Paddles 8 & 9,
Airbag 1 & 6,
Horn 2 & 7.

So, depending on the age of your car, you may need to change the wiring of the steering wheel to match your car.


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