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451 Steering Wheel Disassembly

Modification Details

451 Non Paddle Steering Wheel

Remove the steering wheel.

Remove the 2x Torx25 screws from the back.

Remove the rear cover.

Remove the 2x Torx25 screws now uncovered.

Remove the front cover. (spray paint or vinyl wrap this if you want)

Loosen all 3 of the Torx40 bolts around the outside of the ESP cartridge.

Pull the airbag forward to reveal the connections.

Look at the back of the airbag, you will see the connector.

Lever up the plastic tab...

...and the connector is free to be pulled out.

Disconnect the spade connector to the horn bar.

You will now just have the bare wheel and the wiring.

You can change the internal wiring loom for other types.

Shove a screwdriver down the side to release the clip.

Then the connector will come out when pulled.

The final connection is the chassis earth, this is levered out from the back with a screwdriver.
Before refitting you will have to bend it back out so it grips in the hole correctly.

451 Paddleshift Steering Wheel

Should be coming tomorrow if I can find it in the garage. (2nd Feb 2017)

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