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453 Electric Drive Fuses

Modification Details

W453 (Forfour) & C453 (Fortwo) Electric Drive ED & EQ

Main Fuse Box F2

Fuse Number   Amp Rating Wire Colour
2 Power Windows 25A Clear
3 Electric Mirrors 5A Orange
4 Radio Amplifier 20A Yellow
5 Daytime Running Lights, Headlights, Front Fog Lamps 25A Clear
6 Daytime running lamps, left; licence plate lighting, tail lamps 25A Clear
7 Alarm system, horn 15A Blue
8 Central control unit, audio system 5A Orange
9 Electric motor control unit 5A Orange
10 Horn 15A Blue
11 Rear window heating 30A Green
12 12 V socket / cigarette lighter 15A Blue
14 Audio system, media system, media system connect 20A Yellow
15 Power steering control unit 5A Orange
16 Airbag 5A Orange
17 Folding roof control unit (not for cabrio), headlamp range control, cruise control, limiter, parking assistance systems, emergency braking system, interior rearview mirror, seat heating 15A Blue
18 Brake lamps 10A Red
19 Electrical outside mirrors 5A Orange
20 Brake control system 3A Pink
21 Tailgate lamp, roof lighting, roof opening, seat belt warning, sound generator, rain/light sensor 10A Red
22 Steering wheel angle sensor 5A Orange
23 Reversing lamp, rear window wiper, windscreen wiper 15A Blue
24 Central control unit 15A Blue
25 Light control unit 5A Orange
26 Turn signal 15A Blue
27 Central locking system 20A Yellow
31 Instrument cluster 10A Red
32 Telematic control unit, charge communications module, service box (ready-to), media system, media system connect 15A Blue
33 Light control unit 5A Orange
34 Light switch 5A Orange
35 Window lifter (without automatic reversing function) 25A or 30A Clear or Green
37 Windscreen wipers 30A Green
38 High-voltage battery 5A Orange
39 Cooling fan 40A Orange
40 Steering wheel heating 5A Orange
41 Rear seat heating (only forfour) 15A Blue
42 Driver/front passenger seat heating 25A Clear
46 Folding roof (not for all models) 15A Blue
48 HV power supply control unit 10A Red
49 Air conditioning, battery/electric motor cooling, selector lever, HV crash sensor, rear window heater 10A Red
52 Soft top (only cabrio) 20A Yellow
53 Soft top (only cabrio) 20A Yellow

Front Fuse Box (Under Bonnet) F1

Electric Drive

Item Function Specification
Fuse 1 Heated Rear Window 30A
Fuse 2 Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Controller 30A
Fuse 3 ESP Traction Control 25A
Fuse 4 Fortwo Main Electrical 25A
Fuse 4 Forfour Sliding Roof 40A
Fuse 5 Power For Rear Fuse Box F11 25A
Fuse 6 Power For Internal Fuse Box F2 70A
Fuse 7 Fan Motor 40A
Fuse 8 Spare
Fuse 9 Battery Heater 60A

Rear Fuse Box (Behind Offside Boot Panel) F11

Electric Drive

Fuse Number Function Specification
1 Spare
2 Transmission Mode Sensor 15A
3 Electric Dive Motor Fan 40A
4 Battery Coolant Pump Relay 30A
5 Battery Coolant Pump 15A
6 Battery Management System 5A
7 Electronics Control Unit 20A
8 Circuit 87 15A

Battery Clamp Fuses (Positive Battery Connection) F108

Fuse Number Function Specification
1 Feeds Fuse 3A & 3B And Main Cable To Front Fuse Box F1 200 Amp
2A Main Fuse Box F2 70 Amp
2B Power Steering Controller 60 Amp
3A Main Fuse Box F2 & Ignition Lock 70 Amp
3B ESP Traction Control Unit 50 Amp

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