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453 Seat Belt Reminder

Modification Details

You should always wear your seat belt when driving on the road. Most of us aren't stupid enough not to.
However, there are times when you are moving a car, not in public or not driving very fast.

It's these times you realise how annoying the seat belt reminder alarm is.

It'd be great if it was more clever or less annoying. It just gets louder the more you leave it.

Turn Off The Seat Belt Reminder

On DDT4All, there is mention of the seat belt reminder but there is no option to turn it off.
So we need to go manual with this fix.

Look under the seat and you'll see a large yellow multi-plug. Depending on your car's options,
you may have more or less connections than I have.

The 2 wires (pink, grey/white) are the seat belt switch.
The next wires are for the seat side airbag.
Other connectors that I don't have may be heated seats.

Unplug the large yellow connector. Until you plug this back in DO NOT PUT THE KEY IN THE IGNITION.

The seat belt alarm wires go through the connector and come out the other side black and red.

Looking into the end, you can see that they are separate connectors in a single housing.

We need to liberate the 2 pole connector. Jam a screwdriver in top and bottom and the connector will slide out.

Plug the large yellow connector back in under the seat. Leave the liberated connector free. 

With that 2 pole connector unplugged, the seat belt alarm stops working.

Is There An Easier Way?

Yeah, you could just cut one of the seat belt reminder alarm wires (if you are a ham-fisted caveman).

Can I Just Code It Out?

Yes, take a look here.

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