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AC Compressor

Modification Details

Magnetic Clutch

The air conditioning compressor is clever but simple. Instead of wasting engine power turning the compressor when
the air conditioning isn't needed, it disconnects the pulley from the compressor shaft so only the pulley wheel spins.

It does this by having an electromagnet sitting under the pulley. The drive shaft passes through the centre of the
pulley bearing and connects to a pressure plate. When a voltage is applied to the electromagnet, it pulls the
pressure plate firmly into contact with the pulley. That way, the pulley movement is transfered to the compressor.

In the video, you can see the pressure plate seating against the pulley wheel when the power is applied.

Disassembling The Magnetic Clutch

Remove the centre bolt (5mm allen). Using an impact driver really helps as the compressor will spin.

Pull the pressure plate off.

Use circlip pliers to...

...remove the retaining clip.

The pulley won't come free easily. You'll need a puller.

Hook the legs over the pulley and wind the bolt down to pull the pulley off the shaft.

Underneath you'll see the electromagnet.

To remove the electromagnet, you'll have to get the circlip pliers out again.

With that clip out, the electromagnet can slide free.

On the side, locate the wire connector...

...and disconnect it by giving it a pull.

Remove the small screw and the electromagnet will be free.

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