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Accessing The 453 Fusebox

Modification Details

Wouldn't be great if accessing the fusebox was the same for both LHD and RHD smart 453?

Wouldn't it be nice if the owners manuals in the 1st run of RHD 453s
actually gave the correct information as to how to access the fuse box?

Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Left Hand Drive 453 Fortwo & 453 Forfour

Left hand drive cars sold in Europe, America etc have it easy. You open the glove box and remove a
service flap from right at the back. The flap has a fuse puller tool and spaces to store 5 spare fuses.

Look into the ridiculously tiny glove box and you'll see the fuses.

Zoom in and add light and you can see the fuses. Thanks to Szilard for this photo.

Change out the fuse that has blown with the same rating. The list of fuses can be found here.

Right Hand Drive 453 Fortwo & 453 Forfour

This is where things get annoying. Instead of simply flipping the wiring loom around and having the fuse
box on the other side of the car so it lined up nicely with the glove box, we have to mess about for access.

Open the glove box on a UK, Australian, Japanese etc 453 and you'll see no service flap.

The fuse box is still in the same place as the LHD model. You can see
it by looking up under the dashboard in the driver's side footwell.

There is a service hatch of a type, unfortunately it's covered in switches. Look at the button bank underneath
the right side of the dashboard just below the steering wheel. Open the door and look at the side of the buttons.

Take a coin and twist the large plastic sloted screw head to the unlocked position. Pull the screw out.

Pull the top of the button bank to release the 2 clips. The button bank will hinge down.
The fascia has 2 securing straps so it won't hang loose on the wires.

Look through the newly created hole and you'll see the fuse box hidden at the back.

Just in front of the fuse box you will see the fuse removal tool clipped into the lower lip of the dash.
There are holes next to the fuse removal tool for storing spare fuses.
Change out the fuse that has blown. The list of fuses can be found here.

Fuse Types

See the list here.

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