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Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

Modification Details

The fortwo 450 and 451 rear view mirror is universally hated. It's an odd shape and sits too low.
I always replace my fortwo rear view mirror (left) with one from a Roadster (right).

Apart from the shape, the main difference between the fortwo and Roadster rear view mirror is the connection angle.

The fortwo comes out the top...

...and the Roadster comes out the back.

The good thing here is that we now have more options regarding possible replacements.

I spent many years looking for an auto dimming rear view mirror with the same windscreen attachment.
The smart rear view mirror was made by Magna Donnelly who make a lot of mirrors for a lot of cars.

We found a lot of mirrors that would fit and slide straight in but they were all manual mirrors.
None of the electric dimming mirrors had the smart style windscreen connection. Mainly because of wire routing issues.

The ideas came and went for many years until I came up with a solution that should have struck me a long time ago.

Creating The Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

This works well on the 451. Should work on the fortwo 450 and the forfour 454. It may sit too low on the Roadster.

OK, this is what you need.


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