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Auto Drive Lock Info

As the world gets worse, drive lock is a very important feature that could save you from being carjacked, injured or even killed. Learn about it and find out how to turn it on.

Modification Details

What Is Drive Lock?

It's a very simple device that automatically locks the doors when the car goes over 8mph.

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Once the 8mph has been reached, the car locks both doors. These will stay locked
until you unlock them, they cannot be opened from the outside using the handles.

To unlock them you simply use the interior door handle. When you open one door, the other door
still stays locked to maintain security. Alternatively, press the unlock button on the key fob,
this will unlock both doors allowing both doors to be opened from the outside.

Surely This Isn't Safe In A Crash

The system automatically unlocks both doors if the car is envolved in a collision.
This allows firefighters and medics to gain access to the occupants.

What Is The Point Of This System?

As cars become harder to steal due to immobilisers and alarms, thieves are now taking cars from people as
they pull up at traffic lights. It only takes a few seconds for some armed idiot who wants your car to
open the door and either get in the passenger seat or pull you out and drive off. It's called carjacking.

This Only Happens In South Africa And USA Doesn't It?

Nope, it doesn't take long for crooks to pick up new ideas and with the influx of illegal immigrants, this sort of
thing will soon be rife. I have personally had my door 'tested' at a set of traffic lights by a black guy whilst in
Lewisham. Luckily, the door was locked. I also had 4 black guys standing and 1 guy laying in the road in Greenwich.
I stopped, the guy got up and all 5 swarmed the car trying to open the doors, 1 pulled a knife and I drove off.

Is It Available On All Smarts?

No, only on newer 700cc Fortwos, 999cc Fortwos and Roadsters.

Turning Drive Lock On And Off


  • Press and hold the lock button on the centre console.
  • Press the lock button on the remote.


  • Press and hold the lock button on the centre console.
  • Press the unlock button on the remote.

    My Car Doesn't Have Drive Lock And Now I'm Worried

    My 700cc smart doesn't have drive lock either so I made it a habit to lock the doors using the lock button on the centre console even before I have started the engine.

    Just for peace of mind, I would recommend you do so too.

My Car Used To Do It But Now It Doesn't

There have been occasions where the drive lock has disabled itself, it's probably just a bug in the
system one time when you unlocked the car. There is also evidence to prove that this system
deactives itself after an impact, probably for safety reasons. Just reactivate it as above.

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