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Cleaning Silicone Pipes

Being in the engine bay, silicone pipes get a bit dirty over time. Let's clean 'em.

Modification Details

Nothing is supposed to stick to silicone although they can discolour in the presence
of oil so your silicone pipes will look better for longer if you keep them clean.
Even after fitting them they will be coated in finger prints, dust and dirt.

Silicone has a very tactile surface, it's not very easy to rub anything over the outside of the pipes
as the silicone rubber creates a lot of friction. Here is a set of custom pipes straight after fitting.



Take paper towel, cloth etc (make sure it is clean) and apply a good splash of "Baby Oil".

Hopefully this doesn't mean something dodgy or disgusting in your country. It's a product
for your skin. In the UK it is predominantly a company called Johnson's who make it.
Wipe it all over the silicone pipes and then wipe it off with the other side of the cloth.
It lubricates the pipe allowing the cloth to glide over it. The baby oil turns the dirt into a
lubricated suspension and sticks to the cloth. It also brings up a nice shine to the silicone pipes.

What Else Can I Use Baby Oil For?

It's quite good for cleaning leather seats, dash and door cards.

Don't use it as a sexual lubricant if you are using condoms.

It's good for cleaning non latex sex toys that might have got "dirty".

If you have eaten a very spicy curry and your mouth is burning, swill some around your mouth and
spit it out (unless you want a strong laxative effect, then swallow away, it doesn't taste that bad).
The capsicum oil is hydrophobic so swilling water or beer will do nothing. The baby oil (or cooking oil)
holds the capsicum in a fluid suspension so you can spit it out. Full fat milk works slightly too.


Admit it, you come here for the smart info and stay for the life hacks.
One day you will use an odd non smart thing you learnt on here and people will be
impressed that you know odd stuff like this and believe you are some kind of life wizard.

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