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E10 Fuel

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What Is E10 Fuel?

It's standard fuel that has 10% of the volume replaced with ethanol.

What Is Ethanol?

It's alcohol. The same stuff in your alcoholic beverages. You take plants and ferment them in the same way you'd make Whiskey or Vodka. The difference is that drinks manufacturers are using food grade plants. For fuel grade, they are fermenting any old shit.

Why Would They Blend These Things Together?

It costs less to make ethanol than it does to pump crude oil out of the ground and then refine it into quality fuel.

Pros & Cons Of Ethanol

Pro - Cheaper to manufacture
Pro - Better than drilling for oil
Pro - The plants absorb more CO2 than the fuel releases

Con - The cost saving won't be passed on to the driver
Con - Ethanol is more corrosive
Con - Between 2% and 3% less efficient than unmixed fuel

Can All Cars Use E10 Fuel?

No. The corrosive nature can attack rubber seals, plastic and metal. For a car to be suitable for use with E10, it must use specific seals, plastics and metals that aren't affected by ethanol.

Can My Smart Use E10 Fuel?

Yes. All smart models are capable of using E10 fuel.

This has been confirmed by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

So I'll Get Less Mileage Per Tank?

Yes, approximately 3% less mileage. So if you get 300 miles now, you'll get about 291 miles.
Or another way to put it is that to go the same distance, it will cost you 3% more.

However, as electric cars become more prevalent, your dinosaur squeezings fuel will be taxed more and more by the Government to try and offset the amount they are losing from free road tax (VED).

Why Has This Page Been Written?

The UK Government have announced that all fuels will be an E10 mix starting from September 2021. This info is trickling into the public and they are questioning if their car will function OK.

I'm A Fuel Scientist And...

Fuck off. This is just a basic page of information to reassure people that it's OK to use E10.
I don't need to know formulas and chemical compositions or anything more detailed.

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