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Euro Emissions Standards

If a car is to be sold in Europe, it must conform with Euro emissions standards

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Euro Emissions Standards

The European emissions standards set the acceptable limit for exhaust emission of new
vehicles in European states. New vehicles sold after the date shown for each standard
must be within the standards or it cannot be legally sold in European Union states.

Legal Emissions Output

Numbers are g/km (Grams output per Kilometer).

Date Carbon Monoxide Hydrocarbons Non Methane Hydrocarbons Nitrogen Oxide HC+NOx Particulates

Euro 1   07/1992 2.72 - - - 0.97 0.14
Euro 2   01/1996 1.0 - - - 0.7 0.08
Euro 3   01/2000 0.64 - - 0.50 0.56 0.05
Euro 4   01/2005 0.50 - - 0.25 0.30 0.025
Euro 5   09/2009 0.50 - - 0.18 0.23 0.005
Euro 6   09/2014 0.50 - - 0.08 0.17 0.005

Euro 1   07/1992 2.72 - - - 0.97 -
Euro 2   01/1996 2.2 - - - 0.5 -
Euro 3   01/2000 2.3 0.20 - 0.15 - -
Euro 4   01/2005 1.0 0.10 - 0.08 - -
Euro 5   09/2009 1.0 0.10 0.068 0.06 - 0.005
Euro 6   09/2014 1.0 0.10 0.068 0.06 - 0.005

Up until Euro 3, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxide were measured together on petrol engines.
From Euro 3 onwards they were measured separately on petrol engines.
 Diesel engines never had a separate HC count.

Testing Emissions Output

The manufacturer of the vehicle sends a few examples of each engine type to a specialist test
centre where they run emissions tests and give the engine type either a pass or a fail. If it passes,
the manufacturer can then sell that model with that engine for as long as they like without a
retest (unless the standards are updated or the engine is modified by the manufacturer).

What Euro Rating Is My Smart?

Ratings for the 451 are best guesses due to the change from Euro 4 to Euro 5 over the course of production.
Euro 5 exhausts may have been fitted to petrol cars built earlier than September 2009.

Car Type Engine Capacity From To Euro Standard
Fortwo (450) 600cc petrol 1998 2003 Euro 3
Fortwo (450) 700cc petrol 2003 2007 Euro 4
Fortwo (450) 800cc diesel 2000 2004 Euro 4
Fortwo (450) 800cc diesel 2004 2007 Euro 4
Fortwo (451) 800cc diesel 03/2007 07/2009 Euro 4
Fortwo (451) 800cc diesel 07/2009 on Euro 5
Fortwo 45kw (451) 999cc petrol 03/2007 05/2008 Euro 4
Fortwo MHD 45kw (451) 999cc petrol 05/2008 06/2009 Euro 4
Fortwo 52kw (451) 999cc petrol 03/2007 05/2008 Euro 4
Fortwo MHD 52kw (451) 999cc petrol 09/2009 on Euro 5
Fortwo 62kw turbo (451) 999cc petrol 03/2007 06/2009 Euro 4
Fortwo 62kw turbo (451) 999cc petrol 07/2009 on Euro 5
Fortwo Brabus (451) 999cc petrol 03/2007 06/2009 Euro 4
Fortwo Brabus (451) 999cc petrol 07/2009 on Euro 5
Roadster (452) 700cc petrol 04/2003 12/2005 Euro 4
Forfour (454) All 01/2004 06/2006 Euro 4
Fortwo (C453) All 11/2014 on Euro 6
Forfour (W453) All 11/2014 on Euro 6
How Does This Affect Me?

It doesn't affect you really. Even if you remap the car, put a new exhaust on it or squeeze more
power from it, it does not ever need to be retested for the Euro emissions standards. From the 
point you buy the car, the Euro emission standard number is set and will not change. This can go
both ways though as adding a Euro5 exhaust will not change your emissions rating.

The only emission standard you have to conform to is the one performed on the MOT every year.

Will There Be A 453 Diesel?

No there won't. Emissions for Euro 6 diesels are so hard to achieve that car companies have been cheating to get
the emissions down. In 2015, VW cars were found to reduce the engine power and run a different fuel map when
the car knew it was being tested. It was a simple work around as the emissions tests are done on a dyno (rolling
road). These have rollers under the wheels that are turned by the car. Because of the traction control fitted to
the car, it wouldn't just allow the driven wheels to turn if the non driven wheels were stationary. The traction
control had to be turned off to do the test but as soon as it was, the car reduced the engine power.

Many other car manufacturers have also been caught doing similar things.

For diesels to pass the Euro 6 emissions, you really have to run a water/urea injection into the exhaust.
It evaporates in the exhaust, magical chemical stuff happens and it reduces NOx.

The problem is cost and space, not to mention that you have to buy the fluid to add to the vehicle.

Not only is there no space to fit such a system on the smart 453, the cost would
outweigh the savings that you could achieve by owning a diesel engine.

So, until a technology is invented to lower the emissions without all this extra stuff, diesels are dead.

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