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Force Open The 451 Hatch

If the boot/trunk solenoid or switch fails you will have to open the boot to change them, however, you need them to work to open the boot.

Modification Details

This page covers BOTH the 451 coupe and the 451 cabrio.

If the solenoid stops working or the boot switch fails there is no way to open the boot, this page will show you how to mechanically open the boot from the inside with no special tools.

451 Coupe

The coupe has 1 centre lock that holds the glass hatch closed, once the glass hatch
is unlocked the lower hatch can be opened using the levers on either side. 

Making The Tool

You need one of your lady friend's wire coat hangers. Of course you might be one of those sort
of men who owns a coat hanger. Who am I to judge your lifestyle. I hang my clothes on the floor.
Anyway, distract the lady with something shiny and steal one of her wire garment hangers.

If you don't have a coat hanger, you should have a welding rod.

Use a pair of pliers, cut a 30cm length and bend this U shape into it.


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