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Guide to smart Mks

What Mk is your smart? smart don't officially use these mark numbers. These mk numbers are primarily used on the forums.

Modification Details

Car Description
city coupé mk 1 spring/ summer 1998
(to UK, June '98)
  • Four models in range: Special edition limited1, Passion (sports or comfort specification), Pulse and Pure
  • Interior colours: twister blue or orange, although limited1 had leather trim
  • limited1 models have manufacturer's plate on dashboard
  • Almond shaped lens optic headlights
  • Grundig stereos, radio, cassette and CD

city coupé mk 2

Apr '99
  • Brabus development complete
  • limited1 removed from range
  • Passion sports/comfort specification combined
  • Mad Red dropped from panel colours

city coupé mk 3

Nov '99
  • Internal boot release added
  • New panel colours including bay grey and numeric blue
  • 5l fuel countdown

Cabrio launched - Peanut shaped headlights

city coupé mk 4

Oct '00
  • Trust PLUS replacing trust with new ECU
  • Additional lambda sensor fitted to exhaust
  • Fuel cap lock solenoid instead of key
  • 3-button key remote
  • Standard speaker package no longer includes bins

city coupé mk 5

early '01
  • RHD launched
  • McPherson struts added to front suspension
  • New interior/exterior colours (some old removed from range)
  • New options including: heated seats, electric door mirrors, silver
    wing-mirror covers
  • Pulse engine spec. 62 bhp
  • ECU upgraded to deliver generic engine parameters to the OBD port

city coupé mk 6

early '02
  • LHD no longer available in UK (from dealers)
  • Brabus range updated
  • New front styling (almond-shaped headlights replaced by peanut-shaped reflector optics lights), new heat-shield
  • Pulse engine spec. 62 bhp
  • Larger fuel tank

** Crossblade launched. 2000 units made

city coupé mk 7 (facelift)

early '03
  • Engine spec updated to 698cc engine

  • Chicken's head C> badge on front panel
  • ESP replaces trust PLUS
  • ECU upgraded to be compatible with new engine
  • Additional features include Hill Start Assist (HSA), Electronic Brake
    Distribution (EBD), On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port relocated, softer suspension, cruise control option (early cars required an extra wiring loom fitted).


Through '03
  • LHD Roadster and Roadster Coupe launched (March '03)
  • Brabus V6 prototype debut (July '03)
  • RHD Roadster and Roadster Coupe launched (September '03)
  • Bluewave special edition released (September '03)
  • Digi-Tec Limited Edition released. Not OEM (December '03)


Feb '04
  • Automatic rear wiper when reversing (if front wipers on)
  • Variable intermittent speed wipers
  • Automatic door-locking at about 9mph
  • Rev counter & clock no longer standard on Passion
  • Hydrographic colours no longer availalbe (numeric blue, etc)
  • Speed sensitive power assisted steering added 

City Coupe and City Cabrio now called Fortwo

Forfour Through '04
  • Forfour 1.1L, 1.3L, 1.5L petrol models released
  • Forfour 1.5L (50kw) and 1.5L (70kw) diesel models released 
Roadster Through '04
  • Roadster Light released. Hard top now available (March '04)
  • Brabus variant released (April '04)
  • Speedsilver variant released (July '04)
Roadster Through '05
  • Brabus Xclusive released (May '05)
  • Racing Edition RCR released (June '05)
  • Roadster production stopped (November '05)
Forfour Through '05
  • Forfour 1.1L engine power reduced from 55kw to 47kw
  • Brabus Forfour 130kw model released
Roadster Through '06
  • Roadster Collectors edition released (Feb '06)
  • Finale edition released (April '06)
  • Brabus Finale edition released (April '06)
G2 fortwo (451) January '07
  • New design LHD Fortwo released in Europe (not UK)
  • 999cc Mitsubishi engine available in turbo or non turbo
  • 800cc diesel engine also available in LHD
  • Cashew shaped projector optics headlights
  • Pure, Pulse and Passion trim levels remain
  • Visteon double DIN stereo available in single or 6 CD
  • Roadster production cancelled
G2 fortwo (451) October '07
  • New design Fortwo now in RHD and available in UK
  • 3 cylinder, twin cam, 999cc Mitsubishi petrol engine
  • Cashew shaped projector headlights
  • New interior and exterior
  • Available in 61 bhp, 71 bhp non turbo and an 84 bhp turbo
  • Cabrio has glass rear window and full electric folding
  • MHD (stop start) available as an option
G2 fortwo (451) January '08
  • Radio 9 stereos now play MP3 and WMA from CD
  • 451 now available in USA with a fake auto, non turbo only
G2 fortwo (451) October '08
  • MHD now standard on 61bhp & 71bhp models
G2 fortwo (451) February '09
  • CDI launched as RHD in UK, 45bhp and 110Nm torque
G2 fortwo (451) March '09
  • All 451 models now fitted with the dumbed down USA speedo, fuel gauge moved to the bottom and engine coolant temperature gauge is now missing
G2 fortwo (451) October '09
  • CDI received a power increase to 54bhp and 130Nm
  • CDI received a diesel particulate filter
  • Passion model gets Pioneer AVIC-F310BT stereo
  • Extras line up changes again, prices increase
  • CDI available as a Pulse derivative
G2 fortwo (451)
Interior Facelift
October '10
  • Painted side skirts and fuel flap
  • New upper dashboard design
  • Stereos now 1 of 2 Bosch units (Highline or Lowline)
  • Cruise control now an option with steering wheel controls
  • More airbag options
  • One handed tailgate operation
  • Extras line up change, new alloys and colours.
  • Tridion now available in white
  • Cabrio roof now available in blue and red
  • Rear valence and front splitter available colour coded
  • Day time running light package
  • Non Brabus turbo cars all remapped to 96bhp
G2 fortwo (451)
Pulse Facelift
March '11
  • New design body kit for smart Pulse
  • smart eBike announced (released 2013)
G2 fortwo (451)
Exterior Facelift
May '12
  • New design body kit for all models
  • New grill with integral smart badge and new bonnet clips
  • 3 new designs of alloys added.
  • Anthricite matt panels added
G3 fortwo (C453)
November '14
  • New design LHD fortwo released in Europe (not UK)
  • 999cc Renault (non turbo) engine or 899cc Renault (turbo) engine
  • 5 speed manual or 6 speed dual clutch gearbox
  • Hazelnut shaped reflector optics headlights
  • Pulse and Pure renamed. Range is now Passion, Prime and Proxy
  • Non turbo car available with 60bhp or 71bhp
  • Turbo car available with 90bhp
  • Harman stereo with JBL speakers
G2 forfour (W453)
November '14
  • New design LHD fortwo released in Europe (not UK)
  • 999cc Renault (non turbo) engine or 899cc Renault (turbo) engine
  • 5 speed manual or 6 speed dual clutch gearbox (twinamic)
  • Hazelnut shaped reflector optics headlights
  • Pulse and Pure renamed. Range is now Passion, Prime and Proxy
  • Non turbo car available with 60bhp or 71bhp
  • Turbo car available with 90bhp
  • Harman stereo with JBL speakers
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
March '15
  • Available in RHD in the UK.
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
May '15
  • Some models available with dual clutch gearbox.
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
August '16
  • Brabus model available and Brabus styling kit available for non Brabus models. Proxy now removed from model line up.
  • Prime sport model added to model line up.
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
June '17
  • Electric Drive ED model released.
  • Disturbing London special edition released.
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
March '18
  • Electric Drive ED model renamed EQ.
  • "Perfect" now added to the model line up.
  • Model line up is now Passion, Perfect, Prime.
  • 4 spoke alloys added as standard fitting to "perfect" line up.
  • Brabus model cancelled.
G3 fortwo (C453) April '18
  • Edition Blue and Edition Red added.
G3 fortwo (C453)
G2 forfour (W453)
November '19
  • 453 model facelifted, new front panels and larger grill.
  • LED headlight option.
  • X design LED rear light option.
  • 22kw charger now standard.
  • Perfect removed from model line up.
  • Model line up now Passion, Pulse, Prime and Edition One.
  • Lava orange removed from fortwo colour options

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