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How Do I Use The Site

A quick guide to show you how to get the best from this website

Modification Details

 OK it's very simple.

On the top left you will see a box with a list of cars in it.
Click on the car you own to narrow the search.

Now the site will only show pages that relate to your car.

If you don't know what car you have, take a look

Now turn your attention to the search box just below the Evilution logo.

Click in the box and type in 1 or 2 of the main words from your query.

For example: if you want to know how to change the front suspension.
Click on the search box and type in suspension or front suspension and click GO.

It will show you a list of pages that score a hit from your previous search.

How Does It Search?

Instead of searching every word on every page we decided on a tag search.
You can perform a word search as well now by ticking the "search decription" box.

Each page that we add has a list of tags that relate to the information on the page.
This allows us to take into account  the different words used for the same things.

For example: Boot = Trunk, Bonnet = Hood, Windscreen = Windshield.

I Can't Get The Drop Down Menu Sliders To Work

We have given up trying to make the site work 100% on all browsers because we waste
so much time doing so just for the browser to be updated and break something else.
We suggest that you ensure that your browser is updated to the newest version.
If that doesn't work, consider using something that isn't Internet Explorer.

IE is usually the browser that causes us the most problems as it is coded by idiots.
Microsoft make all these standards to which websites should be coded to and
then create a browser that doesn't handle the standards that they ask for.

Whenever I get an email about this I update all my browsers and check
and so far, the site menu sliders have always worked.

If you are using an iOS device such as an iPad then you open the menu by tapping
it and scroll through the menu by dragging 2 fingers over the drop down menu.

If you are using an Android device then I don't know. I'm an Apple fan boy.

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