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Laying A Car Up

If you have reason to not use your car for 3 months or more, make sure it is ready

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Laying Up?

Laying up - Putting to bed - Hibernating. If you plan to not use your smart for more than a few
months there are a list of things that you can do to help it get ready for its hibernation. The more
of these you do the less problems you should have when you finally come to using the car again.

Initial Work

No cover. Covers move and will marr paintwork and gloss plastics.

Clean the car (inside and out), polish and wax it.

Fit a new air freshener.

Trickle charger or solar battery charger if possible.

Remove floor mats.

Service the car.

Spray inside the clutch actuator with white lithium grease.

Lubricate locks (boot lock on 450 and covered door lock on Roadster and 451).

Lubricate handles, latches and cables.

Use dehumidifying packets or balls of scrunched up newspaper in the footwells
and boot to absorb water vapour and reduce the chance of mould.

Leave as little fuel in the tank as possible.

Clean door seals and clear any drains.

Check antifreeze concentration.

Check tyre pressures.

Spray the alternator in light oil to stop it seizing.

Loosen auxiliary belts (both if you have AC).

Empty the screen washer bottle.

Park 450 cabrios with the rear screen facing away from the sun where possible.

If It Is Stored In A Garage

Leave windows open slightly.

Place plain white unprinted paper under the wiper blades so they don’t make contact with the glass.

Use a dehumidifier or balls of scrunched up newspaper in the footwells
and boot to absorb water vapour and reduce the chance of mould.

Prop up carpets to all air circulation.

Put the car up on axle stands to lift the tyres off the ground.

If you want to remove the wheels, check the tyre pressure and store them flat in a cool dark place.

SORN the car (UK Statutory Off Road Notice) so you don’t forget to tax it and get fined.

Reduce insurance to 3rd party, fire and theft.

Using The Car After A Lay-Up

echeck tyre pressures.

Check the engine bay for debris and animals/nests.

Check fluid levels.

Check battery voltage and battery fluid level.

Top up with fresh fuel.

Retighten the auxiliary belts.

Refill the screen washer bottle with proper screen wash, not plain water.

Remove a spark plug from each cylinder, place the car in neutral
and turning the engine by hand, this will help redistribute the oil.

Check the brakes work, wire brush any rusty discs.

Re-insure correctly.

Un-SORN and tax the car.

Get the car MOT’d.

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