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Leak Detection

Detecting the position of a leak can be problematic and time consuming.

Modification Details

What Leaks?

Apart from the obvious king of leaks (the Roadster) it has been known for the Fortwo to let a bit of water
in through a few places. The problem is that the water doesn't hang around the area it comes in, gravity
helps it move down and usually into your carpets without you knowing.

The first thing you usually know is a bad smell or soggy carpets when you lift them up.

The Roadster leaks are too plentiful to mention here but the Fortwo tends to be limited to:

Door seals
Rear side plastic windows
Rear hatch.

The windscreen leak is becoming ever more common due to the number of replaced windscreens now
being fitted. I'm not sure what makes the smart windscreen harder to fit but it must be, I have heard
and been contacted by countless people with a leaking windscreen.

Discovering Leaks

Lift up your carpets in both footwells and feel the foam backing for damp.
Do the same for the boot carpet that covers the engine bay, also feel down the back.

If it is dry then hoorah! If it is wet then you have a Roadster,
a Fortwo with a replacement windscreen or an unusual leaking Fortwo.

Now, the chance of being in the right place at the right time to catch that drip appearing from the problem
area and disappearing into the carpet is pretty shallow. Even less likely if the windscreen is leaking because
it is only about 2 inches of metal before the drip can hide behind the dashboard.

Pin Pointing Leaks


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