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London Congestion Charge

Some smarts don't have to pay the London congestion charge but most do

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What Is The Congestion Charge?

It's a way that the English government can get more money from drivers. The name would suggest
that it is in place to reduce congestion but the exemption is based on exhaust emissions. 

Congestion Charge Exemption

All electric cars do not have to pay this charge. At the time of writing (August 2013) there are no combustion engined vehicles that fall inside the set limits for free entry into the congestion zone.

These cars would have to be Euro 5 emissions compliant and produce less than 75g/km.

This has changed since 2010 when it was 100g/km + Euro5.

The Government introduced the ultra low emissions standards because so many cars were getting 
into the congestion zone for free so the emissions were changed so the Government could make 
more money to keep them in the manner they are used to and to pay for all the asylum seekers.

How Much, When and Where?

£10 a day if you drive in London between 07:00 and 18:00 on a weekday and pay the day before you go.
£12 if you pay after you have entered the congestion zone. £9 if you pre-pay with CC Autopay.

What Smarts Are Exempt?

Smart Fortwo ED (Electric Drive) all models.

Is That All?

Yep, no smarts are free apart from the all electric version.

Foreign Number Plates

If you are from abroad, just drive in the CC zone without paying.
"Entry authorisation and penalties cannot be issued to non-UK numberplates"
So you don't have to pay, they won't chase or attempt to charge you.

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