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Lowering The Engine - 450

The engine bay is quite restrictive so lowering the engine a bit can help a lot.

Modification Details

The Quick And Cheating Way

Most of the time you'll want to lower the right side of the engine, doing this allows you to gain
access to the pulleys, tensioners and belts. You can also change the alternator and waterpump.

Remove the rear panelsJack the rear of the car up, 
remove the wheel and remove the wheel arch liner.

The belts have a protective cover held in with a pair of slide out clips.
There is one of these located on each side of the suspension spring cup.

Using a pair of pliers, wiggle and pull and they will slide out, the guard will come loose.

Remove the bolts from the X frame on either side and remove it from the car.
The lower E18 bolt is 100Nm on refitting.


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