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Mousejacking - Defeat The Thief

Modification Details

This page covers how to adapt you car so it can't be mousejacked.
This page isn't going to teach you how to actually steal a smart car.


It's a term originally coined when people physically hacked the computer mouse and keyboard.
These adapted devices would record keystrokes including log in and passwords.

Some how, this term then got attached to the theft of cars using a laptop.
Simply put, a laptop sends data to the car in order to make it start.

Most Stolen Cars

In many countries in Europe, the smart range of cars have been in the top 10 most
stolen cars for more than a decade. Here's a few links to most stolen lists.

France seems to have the biggest problem but as always, these trends spread.

2010  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Why Are They Stolen?

Mainly for parts as they are worth a lot more as spares. They take up less space and are quick to strip.

How Are They Stolen?

Security is only as good as the weakest link.

We aren't talking about boosting the signal of the key using a relay.
The smart doesn't use keyless entry and start so it's not an option.

It's done with an actual key that the thief has and it fits your car.


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