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Part Numbers

Work out the codes for different colour parts

Modification Details

Can You Give Me The Part Number For...

No, and I have a few reasons why:

* There are over 50,000 part numbers.
* Part numbers are regularly updated when a part is redesigned.
* I don't have the time to look up part numbers for everyone.
* If I give you the wrong part number and you order the part, tough, you are stuck with it.

What Can I Do Then?

Just go to smart and ask the parts department for the part you want. If they
order the wrong part then they will take it back and exchange it with no hassle.
It's what I do after I made a mistake and got stuck with a part I didn't want.

Part Number Information

All smart car parts have a 17-digit part number, which always contain a colour code.

The number looks a bit like this:

nnnnnnn Vnnn XXXX nn

(from what I've seen this code may be preceded by a Q, or sometimes the
Q replaces the first digit) n -> number (0-9), XXXX -> colour code
(the paint code, and not the random smart codes they use e.g. EA4)

For example, the part number for the black wheel arch extensions is 0015595 V001 C22A 00

Some parts have 0000 for the colour code:
for example the underseat-drawer part number (RHD smarts) is Q0012633V001000000,
and this is because this part only comes in one colour.

Likewise for the metal 'smart' on the back of roadsters, whose code is Q0014966v002000000.

For panels, these numbers include the paint code of the panel colour.
So if you know the part number for the rear panel, for example, in a certain colour, you can work out the part number for whichever paint colour you like.

For instance...

The part number for the rear panel of the fortwo coupe is 000 0941 V013 XXXX 00

If your car is Phat Red then the part number is 000 0941 V013 C36L 00
If your car is River Silver, the part number is 000 0941 V013 C50L 00
If your car is Numeric Blue, the part number is 000 0941 V013 C54L 00

Likewise you can use the following codes to work out the part numbers (if you have them for the wrong colour) for interior bits and bobs:
(Please note this list is not complete)

C14A Orange (discontinued)
C08A Blue (discontinued)
[C05A according to smartypartfast, not sure where the other code came from!]

C69A Bungee Red
CA1A Scodic Grey
CC7A Bungee Grey
CC8A Twister Green
CC9A Twister Blue

We have seen the code C96A on some rev gauge pods, so assume that this is the code for grey plastic stuff (and indeed this has been confirmed by smartypartfast).

This information hasn't been confirmed by a reliable source yet, but it might be useful as a guide.

Smart Part Codes

Brabus Front Grille - Silver (2002 on) Q0014753V001C50L00
Brabus Badges - 3 pack C0013756V001C14B00
Strikeline Alloys - Front SQ0011484V002C31L00
Strikeline Alloys - Rear SQ0011485V001C31L00
Wheelarch Extensions - Left SQ0014440V001C22A00
Wheelarch Extensions - Right SQ0014447V001C22A00
Fixing Clips for Extensions SQ0014448V000000000
Rear Wheel Spoiler (Mudflap) - Left 0007179V004C99A00
Rear Wheel Spoiler (Mudflap) - Right 0007187V004C99A00
Accessory Screws SQ0012682V000000000
Screw Caps - Silver SQ0000009V007CC7A00
Old style smart sticker Q0000973V00200000
Telephone Console SQ0013436V002C96A00
A Bar for Cycle/Ski - City Coupe SQ0001402V00700000
Brabus front spoiler 02 on (unpainted) Q0013924V001C05B00
Side skirts: (for Mk6 on City Coupe) Q0015045V001C63L00
Combination filter Q0001110V003000000
steel wheel 3.5J x 15 (spare) Q0002156V004C32L00
city-coupe front fog lamp Q0002902 V002 0000 00
Japanese 'K' car rear arch right (black) Q0000943V012C21L00
Japanese 'K' car rear arch left (black) Q0000942V012C21L00
C> logo (front) Q0014299V0010000000
Raised Logo Smart (rear) Q0015196V001000000
G-Force sensor Q0009942V002000000
Cycle valve Q0003113V005000000
Brabus 101 TIK pipe Q0019609V001000000
Storage drawer under drivers seat LHD Q0007284V002000000
Storage drawer under drivers seat RHD Q0012633V001000000
2 Arch extensions & clips 0015595V001C22A00
60kw TIK pipe Q0009985V001000000
Inner Door Release Cable Q0001973V005000000
Seat to frame bolt Q0005253V000000000
Roadster underseat CD bag SQ0017563V001000000
Roadster 5x15 steel wheel Q0009613V002C32L00
Brabus Carbon Fibre look trims:  
Individual speedo/rev 'ring' SQ0013785V002C09B00
Speedo cowl SQ0008808V003C09B00
Complete Carbon trim set SQ0015869V001C09B00
RHD black velour Roadster mats Q0014807V001CA3A00
RHD rubber Roadster Mats Q0014800V001C51A00
smart roadster 4 cd holder Q0013113V003C96A00
Touch up paint (add paint code to ****) Q0014794V001****00
CD holder for 3 CDs with drinks holder Q0013112V005C96A00
Dial ring saturn grey Q0014901V001C96A00
Dial ring silver grey Q0014901V001CB1A00
Dial ring black effect Q0014901V001CB2A00
Brabus 101 TIK pipe Q0019609V001000000
60kw TIK pipe Q0009985V001000000
Rear storage bag Q0019350V001000000
Brabus exhaust valance 0015612V001C63L00

Acknowledgements to BlackDog, Smartypartfast, Kyle

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