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Performance Air Filters

Performance air filter options

Modification Details

Foam Filter Construction

Foam filters come in 2 parts, the foam exterior and a metal insert.
The insert pushes into the foam cover and supports it so it can maintain the shape.

Here is the original ITG foam filter

This is the SmartMods foam filter

Advantages Of The Foam Filters

Larger surface area so it has a higher filtering capacity over cotton filters,
Will allow more air through and will not clog as quickly as any other filter,
Direct replacement fitting,
80% thicker foam for increased filtration,
Layered foam can filter down to 5 microns,
Easily cleaned with removable centre section,
Comes PRE OILED ready for use.

Cotton Filter Construction

Comes in 1 piece. Pleated Cotton element bonded to a rubber top and base.

Advantages Of The Cotton Filters

Larger surface area so it has a higher filtering capacity over standard filters, 
Initially flows more air than the foam filters,
Direct replacement fitting,
Pleated cotton can filter down to 10 microns,
Easily cleaned, dried and reoiled,
Can be used oiled or not oil depending on the required filtering needs.

Foam 450 & Roadster Filters

SmartMods (GTFO69)
 ITG (BH-169)
PiperCross (PP1740)
BMC (211/07)

Cotton 450 & Roadster Filters

 K&N (33-61)

Foam 451 Filters

BMC (535/20)
PiperCross (PP1688)

Cotton 451 Filters

K&N (33-2417)

Foam Forfour Filters

BMC (458/20)
PiperCross (PP1692 or SM1692)
ITG (WB-224)

Cotton Forfour Filters

K&N (33-2881)

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