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Remove The Airbox

If you are fitting an enclosed induction kit, you will need to remove the airbox.

Modification Details

Remove the rear panels and remove the arch liner on the airbox side.

The airbox is the large black plastic box on the far left as you look into the engine bay.
Screwed on the side is the ECU. Look at the electrical connector, it has a slide.

Pull the slide back as far as it will go and pull the connector from the socket.

Look into the wheel arch, you will see four screws. Remove these also.

Tip the airbox forwards as far as it will go and remove the clip holding the TIK
pipe to the right angled pipe that attaches to the airbox. Remove the airbox.

The airbox will still have the ECU attached, remove all the screws
from around the outside and the ECU will come away from the airbox.

Removing The Right Angled Connector

Look at the bottom...

... and the top and you will see two clips holding it in place.

Take a flat screwdriver and scrape it across the top of the clips.

Once both clips have been removed, push the tube from the inside.
It should slide out quite easily. This can now be reattached to the
TIK pipe using a jubilee clip and a performance filter can be fitted.

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