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Rev Counter Fault

If your rev counter (rpm gauge) starts playing up and not showing the correct values, it could be the interference suppressor.

Modification Details

Rev Counter (RPM Gauge) Incorrect

Have you noticed your rev counter showing the wrong readings?
Either not moving as much as it should or not sitting at 0 when the engine is off?

Chances are, the inline filter is causing the issue.

The suppressor was supposed to stop radio interference from giving false readouts on the rev counter.
However, in general they weren't needed and in many cases, the suppressors
became faulty causing false readouts that they were originally designed to stop.

AM Interference Suppressor

This is the part in question. It is plugged into the rear of the smart 450 speedo.
The rev counter is plugged into the AM interference suppressor.

They were fitted to early smarts to filter out any pulses from the car's electricals which could cause
the rev counter to read incorrect values. They discovered it wasn't needed and stopped installing them.

Removing The Suppressor

It really is as simple as that. Remove the screws holding the speedo in place, lift the speedo clear
of the steering column shroud and turn the speedo around slightly so you can see the back. Disconnect
the suppressor from the back of the speedo and disconnect the rev counter from the suppressor.
Plug the rev counter into the back of the speedo and bin the suppressor.

Hopefully now your rev counter will be working properly.

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