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Roadster ABS Unit Removal

Modification Details

On the Roadster, the ABS pump is easy to access. You open the bonnet and remove the front boot bucket.

It has 6 pipes, 1 sensor and 1 multipin connector.
The outer 2 pipes on the top of the unit go to the brake master cylinder.
The remaining 4 pipes go to each wheel. The sensor is for ESP brake pressure.

Unscrew all of the pipes. Understand that as soon as you remove these, you will need MB Star to bleed
the brake fluid through the system when it's refitted. MB Star actively opens the valves and pumps the fluid.

On the back of the pump is the ESP controller. These have been known to fail due to water ingress.
Grab the locking lever...

...and flip it up.

The miltipin connector can now be pulled from the ESP controller.

The only thing holding the ABS pump to the car is...

2x 13mm nuts that can be accessed from underneath. They will be rusty as fuck.

With those sprayed in penetrating oil, a lot of swearing and eventual removal, you can lift the pump upwards.

It can now be removed from the car.

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