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Roadster Horn Fault

It is becoming increasingly common for the horn on the Roadster to stop working. This is usually due to the position allowing the terminals to become contaminated and therefore breaking the circuit.

Modification Details

Horn Makes No Noise

Sit in the car, turn the ignition to position 1 and press the horn button a few times.
Obviously if you are reading this your horn won't be making a noise but we aren't listening for that.
Each time you press the horn, listen for a click coming from underneath the dashboard. This
tells you that the relay inside the fuse box is OK. As long as you can hear the clicking you are
OK to continue, if not then you are gonna have a fun weekend trying to make it work.

OK, I Get The Relay Clicking

Good, read on.


Gaining access to the Roadster horn is a lot easier than on the fortwo.
Remove the front plastic boot liner insert, this can be seen


Look on the right hand side and you will see the horn.


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