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Roadster Roof Repair

Modification Details

In 2003, this video was made by smart.
It was intended for use by the smart technicians so they could change the sliders on the Roadster roof.

It was informative but the resolution is shit at 320x240. I ran it through A.I. to upscale and clean up the image.
The new video is 1920x1080. That's a 27x pixel increase. It doesn't look too bad.

Then I decided to make my own version.

Doing filming properly is hard.... and boring. 
I got bored very very quickly.
So, as is the case with most of the things I do, it didn't take long until I started being silly.

Once I started messing about, I couldn't stop. So, here is my less informative spoof of the original video.

I would say "I hope you like it" but I don't care. It makes me laugh so that's good enough for me.

Fun fact, I hate my voice. So I made it a bit more "50's radio commercial".

Roadster Roof Parts

As the Roadster gets older, parts are no longer being made for it by smart.
Many of the roof parts that break are no longer available.

Luckily enough, there are 3D printers now and people are reproducing the parts.

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