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Smart Concept Cars

None of these cars were for sale and will never be made

Modification Details

Tridion 4 2001
Became the Forfour 3 years later.

Formore 2006
4x4 designed for the American market.

Forfun 2005
Forfour placed on an M-class or G-class chassis

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Crosstown 2005
DaimlerChrysler owned Smart and Jeep. Why not mash them together?
Electric 23kw motor or 45kw petrol engine

Forfun2 2006
Fortwo on a Unimog chassis
6 cylinder 5675cc 84bhp engine

Untitled 2011
Crossblade style 451 ED fortwos made for a Japanese stadium.

Forspeed 2011
Electric 30kw motor. Shows some styling that ended up on the 453.
A Crossblade style Forvision concept.

Forvision 2011
Polymer wheels and a solar roof (BASF)
Electric 55kw motor. More styling cues that ended up on the 453.

ForUs 2012
Pick up concept aimed at the American market.
Electric 74bhp

Forstars 2012
Coupe version of the ForUs concept for the European market.
Electric 80bhp and video projector in the bonnet.

Forjoy 2013
A stripped down silhouette of the W453 Forfour.
55kw electric motor.

Untitled 2015
Smart sponsored volleyball at the time. These were just promotional seating.

Forsea 2017
90bhp engine paired with a water jet propeller
This was an April Fools day joke that too many websites believed.

Vision EQ
Smart's vision of the fortwo in 2030. Battery powered and fully autonomous.

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