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Smart Dealer Map

Before you can modify a car, you first need to buy one

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Mercedes Dealers

 Mercedes only
 Smart & Mercedes
 Smart & Mercedes Recommended
 Mercedes site (Smart sales unknown)

I Need Your Help (UK)

Take a look at the map above, if your local official Mercedes /Smart dealer is missing, let me know its position
and I will add it. I need to know the address and if it only sells Mercedes or if it also sells Smarts too.

If your local official Mercedes/Smart dealer is on the map, please let me
know if they just sell Mercedes or if they also sell new Smarts as well.

I Need Your Help (Rest Of The World)

I haven't even started looking at the dealers everywhere else and judging by how many Mercedes
dealers there are just in the UK I think I'll just place official new smart sellers on the map. So, if you
are outside the United Kingdom, please let me know the address of your official new smart reseller.
These will either be Mercedes or a Smart gmbh car sales site.

No non official new car resellers will be added to this map.

What About 3rd Party Car Sales & Specialists?

Have a look at the smart specialists map here.


I have owned quite a lot of smarts, many of them from new. I have dealt with my fair share of smart dealers
in my time and the only one I have visited that really treated their smart range the same as their Mercedes stock
was smart of Ipswich. There was a lady there who knew a lot about smarts (I don't know whether she came
back after her maternity leave) so I'd recommend going there if you are in the area.

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