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Specific Error Codes

Modification Details

OK, this is a massive work in progress that I hope others will be able to help with.

OBD error codes are easy to ready with a cheap 
OBD error reader but the resulting codes 
don't always point towards the problem. So, the idea here is this. If you had an error 
code and know exactly what was faulty to bring up the code, let me know.

Specific Codes And Faults

Fortwo 451

PO410 Secondary mixing valve failure. 
Link to more info. (Paul M).

Fortwo 450 & Roadster

IAT sensor reading too hot, voltage low (Tyrel).
PO113 IAT sensor reading too cold, voltage high (Tyrel).
P2046 MAP sensor faulty or boost leak, check air inlet manifold and turbo to engine.

P2359 Boost too high. MAP sensor faulty, wastegate seized, wastegate arm off,
wastegate actuator pipe off or cycle valve faulty.

P2034 Gear selector lever (SE Drive) failure.
P2022 Clutch system error
P202A Gear not shiftable on closed clutch.

450 & 451 Diesel

P0401 EGR valve low flow (not fully opening).
P0409 EGR solenoid probably stuck/seized.
P0380P1481 Glow plug failure.
P1400 Boost sensor fault

How Can I Help?

If you know an error code and a fix then contact me. If you have a code reader,
why not disconnect something like a sensor and let me know the error code.

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