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Sprint/Speed Booster/Go Pedal

Everything you need to know about the Sprint Booster

Modification Details

What Is A Sprint Booster?

It is an electronic box that plugs inline with your accelerator pedal that
(apparently) sharpens the throttle response and increases acceleration.

The first company to make these were Sprint Booster but they are now available under a load of
different names (DTE Pedal Box, ResponseControl, GoPedal), they all do exactly the same thing.

Are They Any Good?

No, they are shit. All they do is increase the accelerator pedal signal so the car thinks
the accelerator pedal is being pushed in a bit further than it really is. To get the same
effect, just press the accelerator pedal down a bit further and save £180.

Any Proof That These Are Shit?

Sprint Booster white paper by Dick Bipes tells you absolutely everything you need to know.

Sprint Booster White Paper

What About The [Insert Stupid Name] Version For The Smart?

No, they are also shit, no matter how extreme the version.

What Do They Do Then?

Apart from waste your money and time, not a lot.
They are just a very expensive "heavy right foot" simulator.

Imagine the throttle position is a percentage, when it is released it reads 0% and when pressed
all the way in it reads 100%. The car looks at this percentage to work out how fast you want to go
by opening the throttle body to a certain point and adding more fuel.

With a Sprint Booster fitted the accelerator reads 10% when not pressed and reads 100%
when pressed 3/4 the way down. It just reduces the effective travel of the accelerator pedal.

The natural output of the accelerator is a nice sweeping upwards curve. The Sprint
Booster is a dead straight line giving a strange pedal feel over standard.

Everything passed the 3/4 point still reads 100%, it won't go any higher and
therefore will not make your car any faster than it was previously.

To get the same effect you can just press the accelerator pedal down faster.

So, You Aren't A Fan Then?

No, they are shit (as I may have said previously). Do yourself a favour and don't buy one.

What About The Claims Of [Insert Idiot Here]?

If you have read that the sprint booster was good on any site, there are 3 explanations.

1- They have fallen for the placebo because they spent a lot of money and want it to work. Click Me.
2 - They are just repeating what they have been told by other sites or other idiots.
3 - They are resellers who want your money.

No matter what they say, you will not get a performance increase.

People who test drive cars with them in really do think there is more acceleration, why?

Simple, they are used to the amount of acceleration the car will give when they press the
accelerator down certain distances. When the Sprint Booster car pulls away faster for
the same amount of pedal movement, they mentally feel there is a performance increase.

If you don't believe this page, go and ask an actual expect (who doesn't sell them).
I have yet to talk to an expect that I trust and respect who has anything good to say about them.

Talk to BIG Performance, S2Smarts, Wellsmart or even me. They'll all tell you the same.

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