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Suspension Layout

The front suspension is constructed from 12 parts, this will show you the correct order and orientation of each part.

Modification Details

450 & Roadster

If you can't follow this then you shouldn't be playing with your car, I can't make it any more basic than it is now.
If a picture paint a thousand words, here are 12,000 words in full colour for you to look at, plus a whole bunch
of boring black and white words too.

1 - Shock absorber (damper)
2 - Bottom spring cup
3 - Bump stop
4 - Dust cover insert
5 - Dust cover
6 - Spring
7 - Top spring cup
8 - Bearing
9 - Rubber donut
10 - Special nut
11 - Car bodywork (top of arch)
12 - Pull stop
13 - Nut


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