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Towing A 453 Fortwo & Forfour

Modification Details

Preparing The DCT Vehicle For Towing

Contact an authorised smart center for information on recommended tow bar
equipment and installing a matching on/off switch on the battery terminal.

Do not flat tow the vehicle with the front axle raised. Doing so may cause serious
damage to the brake system which is not covered by the smart Limited Warranty.

Failure to follow the recommendations for flat towing can cause damage to your vehicle:

Not following the battery disconnect procedure properly may result in data loss in the vehicle’s control units.

Not disconnecting the battery and leaving the key in starter switch position 1 (ignition on) may result
in a flat battery and the ESP being activated during towing. Active braking action through the
ESP may seriously damage the braking system which is not covered by the smart warranty.

Flat Towing 453 DCT 6-Speed Auto (Twinamic)

Before towing your smart fortwo 453 DCT, follow these simple instructions in this order.

Engage the parking brake.
Make sure the ignition is switched on.
Press the brake pedal and keep it pressed.
Move the gear selector lever down to D and then over to manual.

Move the gear selector lever back to the downshifting position and hold it for about 30 seconds.

Gearbox engages defined gears for dinghy towing.
Wait approximately 30 seconds until the 6th gear is displayed in the instrument cluster.
Release the gear selector lever and leave it in the manual shifting lane.

Release the brake pedal.
Confirm that 6th gear is still shown in the instrument cluster.

Switch off the ignition. 
Wait approximately 10 seconds.
Leave the key in the ignition.

Turn the battery off using the previously installed battery switch or disconnect battery.
Release the parking brake.

Exiting Flat Tow Mode

Engage the parking brake.
Turn the battery on using the previously installed battery switch or reconnect battery.
Depress the brake pedal and keep it pressed.
Switch on the ignition.
Move the gear sector lever to park position P.
Ensure ‘P’ is shown in the instrument cluster.
Release the brake pedal.
Switch off the ignition and remove the key from the starter switch.
Lock the doors.

Leaving Dinghy Towing

Moving the gear selector lever out of manual row will abort the flat towing program.

Gearbox engages defined gears.

Flat Towing 453 5-Speed Manual

Put the car in neutral, release the handbrake and make sure the car can be rolled by pushing.

Flat Towing an Electric Drive

Turn the key and put the car in Neutral (N).
Ensure that the car can be free wheeled by pushing it in each direction.

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