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Turbo Manifold Cracks

Info about the manifolds cracking on the smart turbo.

Modification Details

 Manifold Cracks

It is a common fault on the old 600 turbo for cracks to appear in the manifold.
This leads to loss of pressure and escaping waste gas, if this occurs the lambda sensors get confused by the readings and the engine will pulse under normal driving.

The cracks aren't very easy to spot but some can be very obvious as seen below.

These cracks are not just inherent on the 600cc turbo design. Although at first it looked like
smart had fixed the problem, it was clear that they had just delayed it by using a thicker manifold.

The extra thickness slows the formation of cracks but physics says that once a crack does appear,
it will be bigger and more of a problem of the cracks in the thinner 600cc turbo manifolds.

Fudge from Fudgesmart has already discovered a 700cc turbo cracked so bad, it fell into 2 pieces.

Why Do These Cracks Form?


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