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Wheel & Spacer Calculator

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What Size Spacers Can I Fit?

It's a fairly common question that is usually very simple to work out. Look here.

What If I Can't Take Physical Measurements?

If you don't have the wheels or the can't bolt directly to the hub for the simple measurement to take
place, you'll need to take some other measurements and throw them into a visual wheel calculator.

Where Can I Find Such An Amazing Thing?

Funny you should ask. I offered to throw money at a guy and he made it for me.
It goes without saying that only site subscribers will be able to benefit from using it.

This is what it looks like. Currently showing the difference between standard
and a 20mm spacer on the rear of a 451 using a standard size alloy wheel.

Things You Need To Know, Measure And Adjust

Wheel Dimensions

You need to know the alloy wheel size in inches, the alloy wheel width in inches and the offset of the alloy wheel.
These 3 measurements should be listed on the site you are buying them from if they are aftermarket.

If they are standard wheels, you can find those measurements on this site.
450 fortwo
451 fortwo
453 fortwo
452 Roadster
453 forfour
454 forfour


You also need to know the camber of the hub that you are bolting the wheel to.

Car Type Front Wheel Camber Rear Wheel Camber
450 fortwo 0 -2
451 fortwo 0 -2
453 fortwo 0 -1
452 Roadster 0 -2
453 forfour 0 -1
454 forfour 0 -1

(the actual front camber isn't exactly zero but it's so close, it's not an issue).

Arch Distance

The only part you really have to measure is the arch distance.
This is the distance from the face of the wheel hub to the arch.

Tie a washer to a piece of string and tape it directly above the centre of the wheel.

Place your tape measure against the hub and let it rest against the string.

Take your reading. So, the 451 front arch distance reading is 84mm.

Same with the rear...

...take your reading... the 451 rear arch distance reading is 82mm.

Place that reading into the calculator.

Car Type Front Wheel Arch Distance Rear Wheel Arch Distance
450 fortwo    
450 fortwo with arch extensions
451 fortwo 84mm 82mm
451 fortwo with arch extensions
451 Brabus Ultimate 112
453 fortwo 70mm 60mm
453 fortwo with arch covers
452 Roadster 96mm 142mm
453 forfour    
453 forfour with arch covers
454 forfour    

To help me fill this table out, please let me know your readings.

The Evilution Visual Wheel Calculator


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