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450 Dashboard Removal

Although it seems like a task from hell it's actually a fairly simple process.

Modification Details

Dashboard removal is fairly simple but a little time consuming. Replacing the dashboard can be tricky but this page explains a simple way to do it. Dashboard removal is necessary for adding the under dash bass boxes with upgraded speakers and sorting out heater cables amongst other things.

The dashboard is actually only held on by 1 bolt and 1 screw, the time consuming part
is taking off the speedo housing and the centre console so the dash can slide out.

Remove The 450 Dashboard


First lets start by removing the stereo, the 'how to' can be found

Centre Console

Remove the centre console surround, click here.


Remove the speedo following this guide


Remove the Torx10 screw just right of the steering column.

If you can't quite get it, you'll have to remove the lower steering column cowl.

Pull out the passenger's side air ball.


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