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450 Door Speaker Pockets

The standard speaker setup is rubbish, the upgrade is better but the sound all comes from the front, it needs spreading out.

Modification Details

Many people want to fit speakers in the door pods to help with the ailing sound of the
original setup. The two main ways of doing this seem to be to either buy a a set
of pre-made speaker pods or mount speakers in the hard pockets.

Pre-made pods are expensive and although the hard pockets look good they are too flexible to mount speakers in unless you beef them up a lot with wood or fibreglass, even then they will be open at the top like the standard storage pocket.

In time honoured tradition let's make our own, it's very easy and costs less than £10.

The minimum you need is a sheet of 15mm MDF, wood glue, a drill and a jigsaw.
If you have a router with a straight bit and a round over bit then it'll knock a bit of time off.

Making The 450 Speaker Pockets


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