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450 Heater Control Cables

How to check the heater control cables, make sure they are fitted correctly and not damaged.

Modification Details

Stiff Or Springy Levers

If part of the travel of one of the control levers feels stiff or bounces back when pushed,
extend the cable out as far as it'll go and visually check it at both ends.
Ensure that the cable isn't kinked, bent or making contact on something it shouldn't.

If the heat control lever doesn't go all the way over, the lower lever can get caught on the floor mat.

450 Heater Cables

There are 3 bowden type heater cables that manually move levers to control the heater.
The 2 main cables terminate in the right hand footwell.

In Right Hand Drive cars, the cables are sometimes covered although some early RHD cars didn't have a cover.
These cars sometimes had issues with floor mats getting in the way of the lower lever.
If this happens, the heat controller lever won't move all the way over.

On Left Hand Drive cars, the levers are covered the carpet and the polystyrene footwell block.

Control Levers

3 of the levers are attached to bowden cables...

...the "direction control lever"...

...the "heat control lever"...

...and the lever that selects either fresh or recirculated air.


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