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450 Heater Lighting

The heater symbols should light up, so if they don't, you need a new bulb.

Modification Details

Yes, the heater symbols should light up, so if they don't, you need a new bulb.
However, the placement of this bulb isn't immediately obvious.

The symbols on these strips should light up when you turn your lights on.

If not, place a thin blade screwdriver into the back of the dash top triangle and lever it up.

Lift it up and disconnect both wiring connectors. Don't pull them by the wires. Lever them with the screwdriver.

Remove the Torx9 Screws. You can actually get them with pliers if you want.

Take everything out.

Flip the board and you'll see the orange top of the bulb, this is what lights the heater symbols.

It just twists out and the new one twists in. The bulb is a 509T bulb, also known as a twist fit bulb.
The standard fitment is a 12 volt, 1.1 watt bulb. You can buy these from smart and eBay.

If you are considering fitting an LED replacement, take a look here.

Removing The Bulb

The easiest options are to use a 6mm socketor a flat blade screw driver.
Twist it a quarter turn in either direction and it will be free from the PCB.

Refitting A Bulb

Place the new bulb into the hole and twist it a quarter turn anticlockwise.
If you are fitting a standard bulb, it should work no problem.

If you are fitting an LED, if it doesn't light, twist the bulb 180 degrees so the contacts swap over.
Don't expect good results when using LEDs as the light pipe is not designed to them.

What Bulb Do I Need?

They are actually tricky to buy because most sellers prefer to sell LED replacements.
However, with the right search word, you can easily find them on eBay.

Look for Osram BX8.4D and decide on the base colour you want.

The beige base is 1.5 watts and the orange base is 1.1 watts.

So, the beige base will be brighter which is far better for the heater lighting.

You can also get 2w with pale green bases if you want to really increase the brightness.

What About LEDs?

Yes, take a look here.

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